Teaching Literature #23
This time, the University of Education Lower Austria students and I discussed on April 5, 2024, in the Dschungel Wien Modernism, Postmodernism, and Avant-Pop Literature (with examples from Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, Stefan Schmitzer, and Natascha Gangl) – and the books they selected for their presentations (from Nawal El Saadawi to Alice Walker, from Umberto Eco to James Baldwin, from J. R. R. Tolkien to Terry Pratchett).

Master of Ceremonies – Graz 3MT Competition 2024
Together with my colleague in crime Johanna Stadlbauer I co-MC-ed the Graz 3MT competition at Literaturhaus Graz on March 15 2024. What a great science party it was!Photo: Michael Angele

Out now

– meine sechzigste Literatur-Rezension, geschrieben wie meistens für das Magazin des Literaturhauses Wien, dieses Mal geht es um den „anarchistischen Assoziationsausstoß“ eines (Graz-bekannten) Avantgarde-Literaturscherzbolds

For international orientation & European collaboration – against nationalist-isolationist tendencies
Demo „Defend Democracy“, February 3, 2024, Graz – Main Square

“Spotlight” on the University of Graz as a “university without borders”, with the Arqus European University Alliance being an integral part of this vision:

I am happy to have my statement featured among the quotes of the Arqus community at the University of Graz:
„It is important to me personally to provide pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers at the University of Graz with support offers that are as internationally oriented as possible. Arqus offers an excellent platform for this. It also seems important to me to counteract the nationalist-isolationist tendencies that are unfortunately currently virulent throughout Europe with a project such as the Arqus Alliance that aims to deepen and expand international collaboration.“

20 Jahre Literaturhaus Graz
Eine Frage. 305 Antworten. Anlässlich des 20jährigen Bestehens des Literaturhauses Graz (Verlag Lehner 2023).

Co-Hosting the Doctoral Academy Day 2023 (November 23, University of Graz)
At the opening of the Doctoral Academy Day – GL (standing left) with Vice-Rector Mireille van Poppel (center)

Suppose you do game-changing research – and nobody knows about it!
The participants of the Doctoral Academy Day 2023 discussed the manifold ways of communicating research findings to the media, to policy-makers and politicians, to friends and family, and, yes, even to researchers from other disciplines.
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15 Years of Teaching Literature (October 7, 2023, Baden bei Wien)
22nd literature seminar for the PH NÖ. Full story here.

ARQUS Mentoring Programme 2023
Arqus Mentoring Programme for Early-Stage Researchers Kick-Off (Graz, October 5, 2023). Full story here.